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As i get sometimes international questions concernig our Strickling genealogy, this text is written in english. you will find here some of my information about our ancestors.

Fans of the Strickling Family may click here to download our coat of arms (strickwp.jpg, 110 kB). This painting of 1965 is made by Hein Nass, following a scetch, lying in the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum in Cologne. An aunt of me 'discovered' it there in those years. For the painting, it was corrected to common heraldic rules. The original of the scetch in the museum is probably destroyed by the bombs in the second world war. The scetch is downloadable here (66 kb).

Translation of the German text below the coat of arms:

'The family Strickling was founded by 9 men in 1379 during the rule of emperor Wenceslaus. The escutcheon was passed by emperor Friedrich III in 1485

It is stored in the 'Kaiserlich Römisches Wappenbuch beim Hofgravier N. Pohl in Cöln'

The mentioned 'Kaiserlich Römisches Wappenbuch' should be a catalog of escutcheons, stored at the courtly engraver N. Pohl in Cologne. But this catalog doesn't exist.
King Wenceslaus is Wenzel (1378-1400), king of Germany and Bohemia (as Wenzel IV, 1378 - 1419). Son of Karl IV. He lived from 1361 to 1419.

As there are existing many copies of the coat of arms with differents texts, the text might have very few historic significance. Because coats of arms were not registered for non-aristocrats in the time between 1806 and 1935, lots of coats of arms were developed without "official" notes, with different quality in those days. As no one of us knows, whether our coat of arms is registered in official heraldic lists, it might be possible that it belongs to these inofficial ones and its text may be a fake.

One of us, Ludwig Sophia Strickling, designed a new version of our coat of arms (50 kB download) according to heraldic rules and his research.

The coat of arms contains of a wolf in the upper half and a two-tailed horse in the lower half, both holding a christian cross in their forelegs. The cross should come from an old teutonic cross and was changed to a christian one in later times.

Other information about the Stricklings:

Our Family really seems to come from Haltern, Germany, where i am living. Telephone lists of Germany contain ca 130 entries with "Strickling", the largest amout of it (30) in Haltern. So the origins of our family seem to be here in Haltern/Germany.

Our Name is mentioned in oldest citizen lists of Haltern from AD 1498, (Johann Strykelinck with three persons) and AD 1499 (Johann Strickelinck, also three persons). These lists are the "Willkommschatzung" (tax list for the bishop of Münster).
An "Adolphen Strickling" is mentioned as a witness of a miracle healing by the pilgimage cross on 1751-05-03. The cross and a copy of this document from 1753-01-11 are shown in the church St. Sixtus in Haltern. One problem in Haltern is, that the church reords from 1684 bis 1741 are lost. Bodo Stratmann tries to close this gap with the help of other information from that time. He also provides lots of genealogical information and links on his homepage www.heimatvest.de in German language, especially on the Vest (area) Recklinghausen (city in neighborhood of Haltern). He publishes a list of the inhabitants of Haltern of the time from  1523 to 1620, containig 6 Perons/families with name Strickeling.

My "Strickling" ancestors are living in Haltern at least since 1797 (birth of Joan Adolph Strickling, son of Joan Adolph Strickling). Grandmother of his Son Joan Adolph Strickling (born 1826 in Haltern) was Anna Marg. Strickling.

Harry Strickling from USA found several Strickling records from the 1639-1684 portion of the Mormon microfilms, specifically Haltern church records of births, marriages, and deaths. There are names like Rotgerus and Conradi Stricklinck during those years. He was able to trace back his ancestors to Christoph Strickling, born 1741 in Haltern.

Another theory  by Ludwig Sophia Strickling (+ Selm, Germany): He thought that the "Stryckelynk" were an old Teutonic tribe, which cooperated with the Romans and made a contract with them in the year 15 b. C. According to him, a Rutgerus Strykellynck was a councillor in the city of Relincto / Relinctum, (now Recklinghausen, 17 km south of Haltern) in A. D. 1522. Ludwig Sophia Strickling also designed a new version of our escutcheon (50 kb download).

If vou have more information about our family, feel free and send an email to me:

More online "Strickling"-genealogy information: http://resources.rootsweb.com/~clusters/surnames/s/t/STRICKLING/
General genealogy information, including links, Mailing lists and database access at rootsweb.
Meanwhile a number of the matricula are available for free at matricula-online.eu. The digitalization is still in progress!

Interesting message of John Strickling about the first Strickling-US habitant:

from: JOHN STRICKLING <jhstrickling@hotmail.com>
 to: <Dr.Wolfgang Strickling> Sent: 8. November 2000 Subject: William or aka Strickling > I'm looking for the origination of the first known Strickling in the > USA. > He arrived by sea in the mid-1700's and is found in the first USA > census of 1790 married to Elizabeth Timmons of Connecticut USA. His and her > pedigree's are both unkown according to records in the USA, but there is a > good trail from those two to date. I originally thought he might have been a > mercinary soldier (Hessian) in the revolutionary war, between the Americans > and British' but I am unable to find any records to substantiate this act. > Where would I look? The other search avenues ie. ship passenger, crew and > passage lists have been a no help. > He would have been born about 1755 (Some say in Groglin? England GBR).

Another US-Citizen, Harry Strickling, was able to trace back his ancestors to Christoph Strickling born March 3, 1741 in Haltern, Germany

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