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1999 august 11

My first total eclipse, on 1999 aug 11 took place under a thick layer of clouds near Metz in France. Although I did not succeed in taking good photographs, neither saw the corona, we saw the approach of the lunar shadow very excellent. The clouds formed a good screen for viewing the shadow. And we were not disturbed by Baileys beads, shadow bands, coronal beauty and othe eclipse stuff like that ;-(

Nevertheless, my meteorological registrations succeded, using a notebook-Computer with self-written software for meteo registrations an photocamera operation.

Click on the image to get my comlete report of the eclipse 1999!

To get that page in German, , click here.

2001 june 21

My next eclipse was the great 'Africlipse' of 2001, enjoyed in Zimbabwe.

Get my report in German  or  English language

We got excellent photos, weather recordings and videos. Download videos of the shadow bands (3 seconds, MPEG-1 (552 kB, 9 seconds, MPEG-2,783 kB and 3rd contact, 2 seconds, 375 kB)! All to be seen on my above website.

im schatten. A virtual exhibition of my photos and texts of Adalbert Stifter (Grerman language)

2003 May 31

A great partial one was the eclipse of 2003-31-05, with its maximum at sunrise.

I took registrations of the dawn, showing clearly the drop of light before sunrise.

Read my report in German  or  English language.

The longest annular eclipse: Venus and Mercury transit

Here you get picutures of my venus and mercury transit, showing the venus' atmosphere and providing images for determinign the solar parallax.
Text in German and English.

ein knapper Ring 11:01:10

2005 October 03

Near Jumilla, Spain, I saw the annular eclipse close (500m) to the southern grazing border.

my report is only available in German language  or English translation by Google

2006 March 29

2006 I was at the Jalu Eclipse Campsite in Libya. Here is my report of  the superb desert eclipse.

We have had optimal conditions for observing.

TSE 2008

2008 August 01

In 2008 I observed the eclipse high in the arctic regions  Franz-Joseph-Land.
See my preliminary 2008 webpage for my full report.

2009 July 22

I observed the Asian eclipse in Wuhan, China. Check my website for a full report of the longest eclipse of the century.

2011 January 13

The partial Eclipse in Haltern/Germany (report in German language and English translation by Google ;-)  

It was a high partial eclipse, like that of 2003. Again with my automatic weather logging.

2012 November 13:SoFi 2012

The eclipse of 2012-11-13 in Australia at the Wangetti beach near Cairns (Google translation).
Unfortunately we were clouded out for totality. But our bus driver saw it!

SoFi 2015

2015 March 20

See our awesome pictures and impressions on our eflight AB1020 2015 from Zurich.
I never saw the Moon's shadow better than here!

2016 March 09

I observed the great Indonesian Eclipse in Sulawesi under perfect skies. Click here for my report.

2017 August  21

The Great American  Eclipse! The saros successor of my first eclipse, 199, but now under perfect conditions.

Shadow bands

Are you fascinated by the mysterious shadow bands during a solar eclipse? Learn more about it in my
shadow bands explanation page in English
or German language  with videos, pictures and explanations.

Computer Aided Eclipses

For enjoying eclipse viewing  without abandoning photography and meteo I used a portable and battery-powered organiser. This device records temperature, windspeed and sky brightness as well as triggers several automatic photo cameras. On my computer I use the software Eclipse Orchestrator. It can trigger several cameras, one of them via USB with predefined exposure settings.

 For more details see my
eclipse organiser page (German) and
technical documentation of the interface (English)

A timer software for eclipses, runing with windows or on a Pocket PC is my "Eclipse Observer", see below.

the C-Control Microcontrollers in ChinaMeanwhile I am using a C-Control microcontroller for this purpose. See my Documentation (in German language).

EclipseDroidEclipseDroid local circumstances

Eclipses on Android phones

Using Deirdre O'Byrne's JavaScript eclipse calculator I wrote


Astronomic app, computing local circumstances for solar eclipses. It displays the contact times and custom defined events, can make acoustic announcements and can take snapshots at user defined times, using the phone's camera. GPS and network localization supported.

For the American Eclipses special Android Apps are available: Eclipse 2017 and Eclipse 2024

More Details on my EclipseDroid main page.

Mein PDA-ThemeMy eclipse Observer Software for

Eclipse on the PPC?

Do you like an eclipse-desktop for your pocket PC (PPC)?
Here you get it: eclipse.tsk
Download the file, send it to your PDA an chose as today screen.

On the right you see my EclipseObserver for  the PC or a PPC. Look here for more details.

What  else do you need? Of course, the Eclipse Calculator! A javascript calculator, working fine offline with the a browser  or on a PPC.

© Dr. Wolfgang Strickling

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